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9 Wildly Cute Pomeranian Haircut Styles To Tame The Fluff

Is your Pomeranian’s fluffy hair getting out of control? Or perhaps you just can’t get enough of adorably poofy Pomeranian pics?

Either way, no need to worry:

I’ve got 9 wildly cute Pomeranian haircut styles for your pet’s next grooming appointment AND to satisfy your craving for lovable fluffy puppies today.

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Pomeranian Haircuts

Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut

Pomeranian haircut / Pomeranian teddy bear cut

I just HAD to start this Pomeranian haircut list with Boo, who is known as the most adorable dog in the world.

Exactly what makes Boo so incredibly darling cannot be pinned down to just one thing. But I know that his teddy bear cut is helping keep his title.

Like the name suggests, the Pomeranian teddy bear cut makes Boo look like a real live teddy bear.

This haircut has become increasingly popular, not only for it’s extreme cuteness factor, but it is one of the easier Pomeranian haircuts to maintain. It’s short, and does not require multiple brushings a day.

To achieve this precious look, the coat is trimmed at an even 2-3 inches in length around the body. The hairs on the face and ears of the Pomeranian are left longer, cut in a circular design. This creates that rounded teddy-like mug we adore so much.

Pomeranian Puppy Cut

Pomeranian haircut / Pomeranian teddy bear cut

Like the teddy bear cut, the Pomeranian puppy cut is basically the same thing. The only difference is that the puppy cut is uniform all the way around whereas the teddy bear cut leaves the hair on the head a little bit longer as previously mentioned.

Even with a puppy cut, this chocolate Pomeranian dog stills looks like a toy teddy bear. The picture of cuddly perfection!

I don’t know about you, but I’m trading in my nighttime teddy bear for one of these Pomeranian dogs ASAP!

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Pomeranian Lion Cut

Pomeranian haircut / Pomeranian lion cut
Instagram photo courtesy of @pom_jones

Perhaps the most outrageous of Pomeranian haircut styles on this list is the lion cut. The lion cut will make these small dogs feel like king of their domain.

This Pomeranian haircut is perfectly fitting seeing as these little dogs have huge personalities – commanding, possessive, and barking at everything that comes their way.

We won’t tell them they aren’t actually king of the jungle though.

But that doesn’t mean your Pomeranian can’t sport the look of a lion with a furry “mane”, a shaved body and a tasseled tail.

The Pomeranian lion cut, while fiercely adorable in my opinion, does have one drawback.

Because the body is shaved very close to the skin with this type of haircut, the skin underneath may become exposed. This increases the risk of sunburn, frostbite, sores, ingrown hairs and other allergic reactions in Pomeranian dogs as they are incredibly sensitive without all that fur to protect them.

My advice?

Just check with your vet or groomer before turning your Pomeranian into your little lion.

So what do you think about the Pomeranian lion cut anyway? Ridiculous or…posh?

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Pomeranian Fox Cut

Pomeranian haircuts / Pomeranian fox cut

This wild Pomeranian haircut trend is known as the fox cut.

Don’t let the picture fool you though. Despite the pointed ears and bushy tail, your Pom won’t be catching chickens in the night any time soon.

This Pomeranian haircut makes sense seeing as some Pomeranian features are naturally similar to that of a fox. This includes their triangle-shaped ears, fluffy plumed tails, and in some Pomeranian dogs, their narrow snout (also known as Fox face).

The Pomeranian fox cut simply accentuates what the Pom already has to offer in fox-like features. The hairs around the face and ears are cut in a triangular shape, the back, chest, belly and legs are cut shorter, and the tail is at it’s fullest.

Pretty foxy if you ask me!

Pomeranian Lamb Cut

Pomeranian haircuts / Pomeranian lamb cut
Instagram photo courtesy of @amyleong

If Mary had a little lamb in modern times, it’d likely be a Pomeranian with a lamb cut. Like the name suggests, this plush Pomeranian haircut will give your pet the look of a lamb’s soft, fleece coat and wool-like texture.

The lamb cut is perfect for Pomeranians with fur that is lighter in color like the darling dog in the photo.

But even Poms that have black fur would be adorable with a lamb cut. So long as she or he doesn’t feel like the black sheep of the family!

Like Mary’s little lamb, your dog is sure to follow you wherever you go with this super sweet Pomeranian haircut style.

Pomeranian Kennel Cut

Pomeranian haircut / Pomeranian kennel cut
Instagram photo courtesy of @snakebite_smile

Rather than emulate other animals as we’ve seen with the teddy bear cut, lion cut, fox cut, and lamb cut, the Pomeranian kennel cut is simple yet precious.

This haircut was originally designed as a way for Pomeranian show dogs to maintain their style and shape between shows at a shorter length that is easier to maintain.

This Pomeranian haircut isn’t only for show dogs, however.

The kennel cut is a great choice for Pom owners who don’t want to spend too much time grooming and brushing their furbaby every day.

It is also lighter and more comfortable for the dog during the warmer seasons.

The kennel cut is perhaps the most practical of Pomeranian haircut styles on the list.

Pomeranian Show Cut

Pomeranian haircuts / Pomeranian show cut
Instagram photo courtesy of @bellissima_from_norway

The Pomeranian show cut is as fluffy as they come.

Of course, this style of haircut takes a lot of extra effort and grooming time as you might expect. The extra time at the groomers also makes it more expensive to maintain…

…but oh, the beautiful fluff.

The show cut, like the name suggests, is the Pomeranian haircut that professional show dogs must adhere to in order to meet the standards set by the American Kennel Club.

It is essentially a set template of the breed standard for the Pomeranian, and the picture one might imagine in their mind when they hear the word “Pomeranian”.

The Pomeranian show cut focuses on the dog’s natural lines. This includes the dog’s naturally thick and profuse coat with a heavily plumed tail.

Only light trimming is allowed to maintain a neat, cleanly and shapely coat. The ears are trimmed to peek out, the bottom for hygienic purposes, and the paws to about 1/2 inch to portray daintiness.

The fullness of the hair on the body then gives the illusion that the Pomeranian is prancing around on tip-toes.

And that’s the cuteness that we love about Poms.

Pomeranian Mohawk

Pomeranian haircuts / Pomeranian mohawk

Arguably the coolest of the Pomeranian haircut styles on this list, the mohawk is only for the most badass of dogs.

It’s not every day that you see a Pomeranian with a mohawk. This is a conversation starting look that truly stands out.

Many Pom owners may not even know that giving their dog a mohawk is possible since this Pomeranian haircut isn’t widely popular. But if you’ve got the hair, then why not?

Unlike humans, you don’t have to spend hours blow drying, gelling and hair-spraying to get your Pomeranian’s mohawk to stand up. It’ll do that all on it’s own with this cut.

You might want to bring in a picture for your groomer for this one just in case though. I doubt they’re giving mohawks often!

Shaved Pomeranian Haircut

Pomeranian haircuts / shaved Pomeranian

Ok, so fluffy lovers are probably not going to like this one so much. Last on the list of Pomeranian haircut styles is the shaved Pomeranian.

Along with the fact that this haircut isn’t fluffy or really cute at all, this is a haircut that I actually don’t recommend.

There are a couple of reasons I want to mention the shaved Pomeranian haircut though:

If you’re not properly grooming your Pomeranian on a daily basis, matting can be a problem.

A shaved Pomeranian seems like such an easy solution to this problem as well as if you just don’t have the money for a proper grooming. However…

…completely shaving your Pomeranian poses a threat to your dog’s health.

A word of caution:

Shaving your Pomeranian very close to the skin with this type of haircut allows the skin to become susceptible to sunburn, frostbite or other allergic reactions and rashes due to exposure. I mentioned this before with the lion cut, and I’ll say it again.

There is a reason that Pomeranian dogs have a double coat and that is to protect this delicate skin. By shaving your Pomeranian completely, you may actually be making a high maintenance dog become even more high maintenance by creating additional health problems they would not otherwise have.

Be sure to ask your vet or groomer how short is too short.

Otherwise, a shaved Pomeranian is a sick Pomeranian.

The other downside to completely shaving your Pomeranian is that their hair may never grow back to be the same as it was before.

Take my advice and avoid this Pomeranian haircut if possible. It’s better just to get one of the aforementioned cuts in the first place than to risk it.

If you’re going to own a high maintenance dog, be sure you can properly care for him or her with proper grooming. A Pomeranian’s naturally gorgeous hair really makes this dog breed quite special.

Don’t you think?

Pomeranian haircut / Pomeranian haircut styles

As we’ve seen in this list of 9 wildly cute Pomeranian haircuts, it is truly amazing what a trip to the groomers can do to change the look of this fluffy dog breed.

Which of these Pomeranian haircut styles do you think is the most lovable?

Still want more pics?

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Check out these 9 wildly cute Pomeranian haircut styles for your pet's next grooming appointment including the Pomeranian teddy bear cut, fox cut, lamb cut and more.

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Check out these 9 wildly cute Pomeranian haircut styles for your pet's next grooming appointment including the Pomeranian teddy bear cut, fox cut, lamb cut and more.

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