11 Genius Solutions To Keep Your Dog Out of Trouble While You’re At Work

Need some ideas to keep your dog out of trouble while you’re at work?

If you’re tired of coming home to pee stains, garbage on the floor, chewed shoes or a sick dog who got into your chocolate stash, you’ve come to the right place.

These 11 genius solutions to keep your dog out of trouble while you’re at work will put a stop to those unwanted “surprises”.

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iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

One of the best ways to keep your dog out of trouble when you’re not around is simply to keep him busy.

Not home to throw him a ball? No problem.

An automatic ball launcher like the iFetch will have your dog fetching all on his own for hours.

automatic ball launcher / keep dog busy while at work

Kong Dog Toy

Speaking of keeping busy, this stimulating dog toy will keep your dog out of trouble by occupying both his mind and his mouth.

To satisfy your dog’s need for chewing, fill the Kong Dog Toy with your pet’s favorite treats, and give it to him right before you leave for work.

Chances are, he won’t be whining about your absence once he has his paws on the Kong.

Keep your dog busy for even longer by freezing the Kong with peanut butter and yogurt with kibble, for example. He won’t stop until he has chewed and licked every delicious bite out of it.

Better the Kong Dog Toy than your shoes, right?

kong dog toy / keep dogs busy while at work

Dog Diapers/Belly Bands

Want to avoid coming home to a carpet that has been soiled? Or worse…

…stepping in it before you see it.

Whether you have a puppy that isn’t fully potty trained yet or a dog that just likes to mark his territory around the house, dog diapers for girls and belly bands for boys will do the trick.

Even better:

These dog diapers are washable, so you can use them over and over as needed.

dog diapers / keep dogs busy while at work
Dog Diapers For Girls

dog diapers / keep dogs busy while at work



dog belly bands / keep dogs busy while at work
Belly Bands For Boys

dog belly bands / keep dogs busy while at work

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Furbo Dog Camera

If you literally want to keep an eye on your dog’s behaviors while you’re not home, the Furbo Dog Camera will let you do just that. This is much more than a camera though. You can use this cool device in connection with the Furbo app to:

  • Livestream video of your dog
  • Talk to your dog
  • Receive notification of barking
  • Dispense treats
  • …and more!

Not only will you know what your dog is up to with this nifty dog camera, but you’ll be able to keep him out of trouble by making him feel like you’re there.

You can calm him when he’s upset, play with him by giving him a command, reward him with a treat and make him feel less alone overall just with your voice.

The Furbo Dog Camera might just be the best way to be with your dog when you physically can’t.

furbo dog camera / keep dogs busy while at work


 Child Safety Locks

Not sure how to keep the dog out of the garbage?

That’s right! Child safety locks aren’t just for toddlers.

Most people consider their pets like their children, and the similarities couldn’t be more aligned when it comes to getting into things they shouldn’t.

These child safety locks are a cheap solution to make sure your dog doesn’t get into food items in your cupboards or garbage that might be harmful to him if consumed.

child safety locks / keep dogs busy while at work


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Airtight Dog Food Container

If your dog is able to get into the cupboards, make sure that his entire bag of dry dog food isn’t sitting there for him to rip into and have a feast.

Overeating may make him throw up, which means you’ll be on clean up duty when you get home.

Instead, opt for an airtight dog food container with snap latches. Not only will it keep your dog’s food fresher than in the bag alone, you know he won’t be able to get into it.

airtight dog food container / keep dogs busy while at work


Hide-A-Squirrel Plush Dog Puzzle

Giving your dog a new toy, especially one that is interactive like this hide-a-squirrel dog puzzle is essential for keeping your dog entertained and out of trouble while you’re away.

Hide each of the five sneaky squirrels inside the trunk before you leave for work and let your dog sniff them out. Once he’s solved the puzzle, the squeakers inside each squirrel will encourage further play.

And more play = less trouble.

 dog puzzle / keep dogs busy while at work

Pet Gate

For some of us, there are certain areas of our homes that we’d prefer to be off-limits for pets.

Whether you want to keep your dog out of the cat’s litter box or out of the kitchen, a simple pet gate like this one can be all the solution that you need.

pet gate / keep dogs busy while at work

PetSafe Paws Away Pet Barrier

For areas or items in your home that can’t be gated off so easily, a wireless pet deterrent like the PetSafe Paws Away Indoor Pet Barrier comes in handy.

It’s perfect for keeping your dog off the couch and other furniture, away from the kitchen counter or dining room table, or any other areas where he might get into trouble.

This device uses safe progressive static correction technology, which teaches your dog to avoid the barrier area you’ve set.

To learn more about the PetSafe Paws Away Pet Barrier, click here.

pet barrier / keep dogs busy while at work

Bark Collar

Worried about your dog’s excessive barking annoying your neighbors while you’re at work? This bark collar training system will ensure your dog’s troubles aren’t your own…

…and you don’t get an angry knock or note on the door when you get home.

The collar stops unwanted barking by sending a warning sound and a harmless, small shock to the dog. Learn more about the technology and training method used in this bark collar by clicking here.

bark collar / keep dogs busy while at work


Perhaps the most surefire way of keeping your dog out of trouble, is to keep him in his crate while you’re out.

This is a great option when you’re going out for shorter periods of time with friends, to the grocery store, or if your work allows you to come home and relieve your dog.

Before you can do this though, you’ll need to purchase a crate like the MidWest iCrate that is appropriate to your dog’s size and do the hard work of crate training.

I promise you it’s worth it though. Once your pup is crate trained, you can keep him in his crate for up to 4-5 hours.

Not only will your dog stay out of trouble, but the crate will also:

  • Provide a safe place to feel secure while you’re away
  • Prevent future anxiety

If you want to learn more about crate training, click here.

dog crate with divider

Have any great solutions for keeping your dog busy and out of trouble while you’re at work that aren’t on this list?

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Is your dog a trouble maker when you're out of the house? Learn how to keep dogs busy while at work and out of trouble with these 11 genius solutions!

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