20+ Yorkie Haircuts & Yorkie Hair Styles To Try Right Now

The Yorkshire Terrier or “Yorkie” is the most popular pet in the U.S. of the toy dogs, and it’s not hard to see why with their precious looks and big personalities.

When it comes to grooming their hair though, Yorkies are high maintenance.

Because their hair grows so fast, Yorkie haircuts are a frequent routine typically needed every 8-10 weeks.

Some Yorkie grooming can be done at home with regular brushing and combing.

When it’s time for a haircut though, unless you want to spend your time chasing your Yorkie around the house like you do when he hears the word “bath” (after all, he already knows the best hiding spots) or trying to get him to even sit still while you figure out how to become Edward Scissorhands, you may want to leave Yorkie haircuts up to the professionals.

Without further ado, here are the most adorable Yorkie hair styles and Yorkie haircuts for males and females to consider for your fur baby’s next grooming appointment.

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Yorkie Haircuts

Yorkie Schnauzer Cut

Yorkshire Terriers are already breaking the Internet with their small size and sweet puppy eyes.

Then when you see these “Schnauzer” Yorkie cuts, it’s almost hard not to say “aaawweeee”.

Made to emulate the look of the Schnauzer dog, the darker hair is cut to around half an inch or shorter and the lighter hair is left longer.

Who doesn’t love the look of those flared cut “bell bottom” legs?!

Yorkie Teddy Bear Cut

Yorkies are very cuddly and affectionate dogs with those they love.

They will gladly curl up in your lap or sleep in your bed with you, so why not give them a haircut to fit these friendly characteristics?

Enter the Yorkie teddy bear cut.

It’s like a childhood dream come true – your favorite teddy bear has come to life!

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle and get kisses from that face?

Yorkie Puppy Cut

These “puppy dog” Yorkie cuts keep your pet looking young despite his dog years.

One of the most popular styles, this short Yorkie puppy cut keeps the hair at just 1 to 2 inches all around.

This Yorkie cut is best if you spend a lot of time outside with your dog or just don’t have the time to maintain a longer coat.

Yorkies are an extremely playful and active breed, so the shorter the hair, the less you will have to worry about tangles and knots.

Yorkie Westie Cut

To give your Yorkie a more sophisticated and wiser look, the “Westie” Yorkie cut is just the thing.

This haircut leaves the facial hair longer, layered down around the face and evening out at the chin for a boxier shape.

The body hair lengths range from an inch from the floor or shorter according to your preference.

This dapper look will require some extra effort on your part in brushing, combing and bathing.

Make sure you’re willing to give your pet the extra attention and care.

Long Show Coat Cut

If you have the extra grooming time on your hands, a longer “show coat” Yorkie cut can be quite elegant.

Lots of brushing, and some trimming at the ears and feet keep it neat.

Dog show events sponsored by the American Kennel Club require a Yorkie to have the long show coat. No other haircut meets the standards for eligibility.

Another required part of this look is the “top knot” bun of hair on the forehead.

The forehead hairs are gathered into a ponytail and secured with a hair bow to create this gorgeous Yorkie hair style.

How To Care For A Longer Yorkie Haircut

To maintain a longer Yorkie haircut, at a minimum, you’ll need to invest in a couple high quality grooming tools including:

  • Fine tooth comb
  • Pin brush

I recommend a steel fine tooth comb like this one that has 2 different teeth widths.

You’ll use the comb first to prep the coat for brushing by removing tiny tangles and for delicate areas like the face, ears and paws.

Next you’ll want to use a quality pin brush to make the coat shiny and smooth.

When I say quality, this is really important.

If you are using a cheap brush, it’s going to trap the oils near the dog’s skin rather than distribute them throughout the coat, leaving it dull and frizzy, which clearly defeats the purpose.

On top of that, you may have a hard time getting your Yorkie to sit for the brushing if the brush doesn’t feel good.

For these reasons, I recommend this pin brush by Chris Christensen. While it’s a little more expensive than other brushes, it will last longer and be worth it to maintain the desired look of a longer Yorkie haircut (and keep your dog happy in the process).

More Fun Looks for Girls

These sweet Yorkie haircuts for females are lovely with longer hairs on the forehead, which can then be styled with a dog hair bow, clip or band for a more girlish look.

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More Handsome Looks For Boys

In conclusion, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Yorkie haircuts and Yorkie hair styles. It’s all a matter of the owner’s preference.

Whether short, long, or somewhere in between, these small dogs don’t seem to have a bad hair day.

They simply look adorable everywhere they go!

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Yorkie Haircuts: MUST-see pictures of amazing yorkie hair styles and yorkie hair cuts for females and males for your pet's next grooming appointment.


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