How To Keep Your Dog Safe During Road Trips

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Traveling with dogs in the car for long distances can take some additional planning. While it’s easy to remember all of the things that you might need for yourself on the road, dogs need just as much stuff if not more!

Have you thought about how you’ll keep your dog safe? Or remembered what to pack?

Don’t worry! Before you take the show on the road, these Road Trip With Dog Tips will prepare you and your furry friend for a safe and wonderful journey (including that list of what to pack).

traveling with dogs / road trip with dog

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Traveling With Dogs: 5 Road Trip With Dog Tips

Keep Them Restrained

When on a road trip with a dog, first and foremost, we want to make sure you and your pet are safe and secure. Safety belts are mandatory for you, but what about Fido? Yes, you should restrain your dog in the car.

Just like you would put your kid in a car seat, you need to put your dog in either:

This all depends upon the size of your pooch. An unrestrained pet can be distracting and cause an accident, and an accident can propel your best friend through the windshield. Do your buddy a solid and get a safe riding situation for them when they are traveling even short distances with you.

traveling with dogs / road trip with dog
Buckling up is easy, baby, with my matching dog car harness and seat belt lead!

Keep Them From Getting Lost

Before you leave home, make sure your pup’s microchip information is up to date and they are up to date on their medical treatments and shots. Bring a copy of their medical records with you just in case.

Make sure you have a well-fitting harness and a leash for your dog. Unfamiliar surroundings on a routine stop could spook even the most stable dog and they may take off running. A good harness will make them feel secure and show everyone that they are your special friend who has a good home, just in case they do get lost.

traveling with dogs / road trip with dog
My fur parents love me.

Keep Them Cool

Hot weather is a danger for everyone, but most especially for your pet. Bring along lots of water when traveling with dogs. A collapsible water bowl like this one is perfect for on-the-go. Most importantly, never leave your fur baby in the car. Not just for a few minutes, not even in the shade, not even with the windows cracked. Dogs die in hot cars every year and it is a preventable tragedy.

Plan Your Stops

Be sure to take your pet into consideration of your itinerary for longer car rides or a road trip with dog that requires multiple stops or an overnight stay. This is especially important to avoid the hot car tragedy. For overnight stays, don’t forget to book a hotel that is dog friendly.

A good dog carrier purse can help you transport your small dog in style during the day so you can keep them with you, but big dogs may be a bit more difficult to take with you, so the hotel may be the best option for them at times.

traveling with dogs / road trip with dog
It’s okay mom, I will be your lookout!

What To Pack When Traveling With Dogs

  1. Medical records and medication
  2. Crate, dog car seat or dog seat belt lead
  3. Car seat cover or blanket
  4. Favorite toys
  5. Harness and leash
  6. Collar with I.D. tag
  7. Food and water
  8. Collapsible water and food bowls
  9. First aid kit
  10. Grooming tool
  11. Old towels

All in all, traveling with dogs can be fun as long as you are prepared. To save this post for later reference in preparation for your travel, pin it!

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