Help! I Think My Dog Has Anxiety

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Anxiety in dogs, just like in humans, is a difficult thing to overcome.

Some breeds, like terriers and chihuahuas, are just prone to dog anxiety.

If you have a rescue dog, it comes with the territory.

But fear not, there are many things you can do to help ease your scaredy-pup.

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Types of Dog Anxiety

Fear Aggression Dog Anxiety

Some dog’s anxiety can present itself as fear aggression. This is the worst type of anxiety in dogs because it means that your pet could bite if put in a situation where they feel threatened.

If possible, get a consultation with a dog behavior therapist. The therapist could recommend a variety of dog anxiety treatment and training.

Don’t give up on a dog with fear aggression–they can be rehabilitated, it just takes time, love and compassion.

dog anxiety / dog aggression

Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is one of the most common types of anxiety.

Keeping your pet with you is a great way to ease this – they are companion animals after all – but it is not feasible for most people have their dog as their constant companion.

The best way to prevent dog separation anxiety is through crate training.

Dogs need to have a safe space to go not just when you aren’t home, but also when strangers come over to visit or when they are feeling overwhelmed.

There are many types of crates, and even some that can blend in with your decor. For smaller dogs, sometimes they just need a cozy cuddle cup to tunnel in or a dog carrier bag suited for hiding.

dog anxiety / dog separation anxiety
I gots a good hiding spot.
dog anxiety / dog separation anxiety
I feel safe inside here.

Stranger Danger Dog Anxiety

Some dogs are fearful around strange people and other dogs. This is where you can invest in some all-natural remedies like pheromone collars, holistic anxiety drops or calming chews.

The best way to battle this type of dog anxiety is to make sure your pup feels safe and secure when out and about. A well fitting harness can insure that you and your dog can enjoy outings without fear.

Dogs and Fireworks

  • Around Independence Day in the U.S., fireworks can rattle even the most secure dog. Provide your dog some relief from the big booms so you and your dog can enjoy the holiday.
  • Look into CB Oil or other all natural remedies
  • Swaddle your dog in a tight-fitting wrap or ThunderShirt
  • Provide them with a cool and quiet place to hide.
  • Take them to the vet for some prescription medications if necessary.

Many pets end up in shelters after the Fourth of July due to dog anxiety and fear.

Make sure to have your dog micro-chipped in the unfortunate case of your dog becoming lost. You can also get a smart I.D. tag that clips onto your dog’s collar to ensure your pup won’t be missing long.

There is no one fix for dog anxiety, and if you have an anxious dog you will need to try out many solutions before you find the right one.

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Does your dog suffer from anxiety? Separation anxiety in dogs and fear aggression in dogs can be common. Read this guide to Anxiety In Dogs to find out what it is along with dog anxiety remedies and tips to help calm your pet.

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