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6 Pet Food And Supply Store Hacks That’ll Save You Money

Owning a pet like a dog or cat can be an expensive responsibility. Similar to having a child, you have to take them to the doctor when they are sick or injured, buy pet food and supplies like toys, beds, and collars AND clean up their crap.

Our pets fill our hearts with joy and empty our wallets at their favorite pet supply stores… but oh, how we love them.

Is the cost of owning one or more of these lovable furry creatures adding up a little more each month than you want it to?

It doesn’t have to.

Here’s the deal:

Whether you’re looking to save money on pet food and supplies for the long term or just need to cut costs this month while you save for that overdue vacation, I’ve got a solution for you.

Without further ado…

Here are 6 hacks that’ll save you money at pet supply stores along with other easy ideas to cut costs on pet food and supplies.

Want to save money on pet food and supplies this month? Learn where to find pet food coupons, how to get cash back from your favorite pet supply stores or save directly at the register with these money saving tips.

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Shop Pet Supply Stores Through Ebates

The first super easy way to save money on pet supplies is to shop how you normally would online through Ebates.

If you’ve never heard of Ebates, you’re going to be kicking yourself for not using it sooner after I explain it to you.


On the Ebates website, you can shop at big brand name pet supply stores like Petco or Petsmart and receive CASH BACK just for going to the Ebates website or app first and then shopping at your selected store through there the way you normally would.

That’s it. It’s free to join.

Some stores like Petco even allow you to shop in-store and receive 4% cash back just by linking your credit card through Ebates.

It gets better:

Not only will you earn cash back fast simply by purchasing your usual list of monthly necessities of pet food and supplies from the same pet supply stores you already shop at, but if you sign up for Ebates through my link, you’ll also get a free $10 cash back bonus.

Aside from the cash back you’ll earn, Ebates also tells you what kind of other deals are going on at each store. This makes it really convenient to see all of your savings options in one place at a glance.

Of course, Ebates doesn’t JUST have pet supply stores. You can get cash back on all your favorite stores like Macy’s, Amazon, Sephora, Best Buy… so many opportunities for cash back.

You’re probably wondering:

Why haven’t I been doing this for years already!!

Ebates sends you your cash back via a “Big Fat Check” or Pay Pal – your choice. I like the Big Fat Check option, so that I can do a little happy dance every time it comes in the mail.

Sounds easy, right? Sign up for Ebates for free here and get your $10 bonus.

Sign Up For Discounted Recurring Delivery

Pet food is one of those necessities that you have to buy every month.

Why not make it automatic by signing up for a monthly delivery that will save you money at the same time?


Those bags of dog food and kitty litter can be heavy so I’d rather have it delivered to my front door than load it in and out of the car myself!

The solution?

Amazon has a Subscribe and Save up to 15% program that’s perfect for pet owners.

Here’s how it works:

Choose 5 products for automatic recurring delivery every 1 to 6 months and save up to 15%. Simple!

There’s no cost to subscribe to the delivery program and shipping is FREE. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll never run out of pet food.

And it’s not limited to just pet products, so you can have anything on there that fits the bill. Perhaps it’s dry dog food, wet dog food, kitty litter, toilet paper and facial lotion.

Whatever your 5 product combination, once you’re subscribed, it’s 5 less things to think about buying each month and the savings make it that much sweeter of a deal.

You can also cancel any time or skip a delivery in case you didn’t use as much of the products in that time frame as you usually do.

So what are your 5 products other than pet food?

Learn more about Subscribe and Save here.

Shop Pet Supply Stores Through The Ibotta App

Ibotta is another cash back app that you can use to shop at pet supply stores like Petsmart, Petco or Amazon.

The Ibotta app will give you up to 5% cash back (depending on the store) on your pet food purchases and more.

To get started earning cash back with the Ibotta app, first join Ibotta through my link, which contains my Ibotta promo code and you’ll receive a free $10 welcome bonus.

Then you can browse through Ibotta’s featured stores and offers on the app to unlock savings of your choice (and like Ebates, there’s WAY more than just pet stores!).

There are 3 ways to earn cash back on Ibotta:

Mobile In-App Purchases

You can make purchases at pet supply stores directly through Ibotta without having to ever leave the app.

For example:

Just open the Ibotta app, go to either the Petsmart or Amazon store within the app, tap the shop button and make a qualifying purchase (see my screenshot below).

You’ll receive a confirmation thereafter that your cash back is pending.

Ibotta app / Ibotta

Send Receipt

Before you go to a physical store to shop, find offers on the Ibotta app and add them.

After you purchase the qualified items at one of Ibotta’s participating stores, keep your receipt and take a picture of it with the Ibotta app.

You’re cash back will be in your Ibotta account within 48 hours!

Link Your Loyalty Card

Ibotta’s Preferred Partners let you link your store loyalty card to the Ibotta app.  

Just go into the app, add offers, and then go and purchase those items at that store making sure to scan your loyalty card at checkout.

Your cash back savings will automatically be sent to your account in the Ibotta app if you’ve scanned your loyalty card.

What’s the best part about Ibotta?

For me, it’s the easy Mobile In-App Purchase feature since you’re just shopping how you normally would.

You don’t have to put in any extra effort to get cash back.

Join Ibotta to start earning cash back and get your FREE $10 bonus here. 

Sign Up For A Pet Supply Store Newsletter

Signing up for a pet food store newsletter with your e-mail address can be a fast and easy way to save money on your purchase immediately.

Pet supply stores want you to sign up for their newsletter because it’s the best way for them to connect with their customers and notify them of new products or special offers going on.


To get you to enter your e-mail, it’s super common for stores to offer an incentive like a discount.

Take Pet Supplies Plus, for example:

I went to the Pet Supplies Plus website and scrolled down to the bottom of the page, where I found big, bold print that said “Save $5 on your next purchase” and then it prompted me to enter my e-mail address.

I entered my e-mail address on the Pet Supplies Plus website, and they immediately sent me an e-mail with a printable $5 off of $30 coupon to use in store (this offer may become outdated and is just an example).

The deal depends on the store. I frequently see retailers offering 10-15% off your entire online order just for signing up for their newsletter.

You might be thinking:

“What if they spam my e-mail?”

If you’re worried about being spammed by a store after entering your e-mail – don’t. You can unsubscribe at any time.

In accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, any marketing e-mails you receive are required to have the option for the consumer to unsubscribe (usually found at the bottom of the e-mail).

All it takes is a click or two to unsubscribe from a mailing list.

If you’re worried about a retailer selling your email address, check their Privacy Policy to see what they do with your information once collected.

What’s the bottom line?

For me it’s a no-brainer, easy way to save.

So I say go ahead and put your e-mail in and enjoy the instant discount for signing up wherever you can find one.

Hopefully you’ll find value (and more discounts) from the e-mails that the pet supply stores send you. If you don’t though, or you feel they are sending e-mails too often, just unsubscribe.

No harm done and you’ve saved some money.

Use The Safeway Just For U App

If you’re a one stop kind of shopper and like to buy your pet food and supplies at the same place as your groceries, you can take advantage of extra savings through the store’s app such as the Safeway app.

pet food / pet supply stores

I like to use the Safeway Just For U app because it is personalized to give you discounts on the things that you buy most – like pet food, cereal, bananas.

I typically save between 10-20% on top of club card savings when I shop using the Safeway Just For U app.

Here’s the deal:

Before you can take advantage of the Safeway Just For U app though, you need to have the Safeway club card, which you can get in the store by filling out a short form with your name, phone number, etc.

The club card is attached to your phone number and the app then digitally attaches to your club card. And if you don’t have the store’s club card already, you’re missing out on some serious savings!

Once you have the Safeway club card, download the Safeway Just For U app on your phone, log in and choose your store.

The Safeway Just For U app will then show you all of your personalized deals based on items you’ve previously purchased and other recommended savings. Just press “Add” for the ones you want to use.

You can do this before you head to the store or when you’re already in the store if you’ve forgotten beforehand.

That’s the beauty of the Safeway Just For U app – it’s always with you!

Then when you swipe your club card at checkout at the store, all the deals you added from the Safeway app are automatically taken off your total.

My favorite part is always looking at the bottom of the receipt to see how much I saved that trip.

Still there’s more…

Not only will you save money on your pet food and supplies and groceries, but you’ll rack up gas points too that you can use at Chevron and Safeway gas stations for up to $1 off per gallon! Need I say more?

Cut Coupons For Pet Supply Stores

You can save money on pet food and supplies the “old-fashioned” way too, by cutting or printing coupons for different pet supply stores.

Here are some ways to get coupons:

Ask The Manufacturer

Is there a pet food brand that your dog loves?

Contact the manufacturer to let them know just how much you and your pet enjoy their products and ask for a coupon while you’re at it.

More often than not, manufacturers are happy to supply coupons especially for those who give them valuable feedback on their products.

Print Pet Food Coupons Online

There are a ton of websites dedicated to couponing. Check coupon code websites for printable coupons or online deals at pet supply stores.

Here’s a few to check out:

You can also just Google your favorite online pet supply store and type in “Store Name coupon”. The store itself may have it’s own dedicated page to let customers know about current savings offers going on.

DIY Pet Food and Supplies

While this option may be more time consuming, doing it yourself or “DIY” can save you loads over time if you do it right.

So if you’re feeling crafty or love to cook, DIY is a great way to save money on your pet food and supplies.


Nothing says I love you more than putting your own personal touch into the things you’ll make for your pet.

pet food / pet supply stores
Homemade Dog Food Recipe from Damn Delicious

There are tons of awesome DIY ideas for pets on Pinterest from homemade dog food recipes to making your own dog toys and pet shampoo.

Check out our DIY Dog Stuff board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

And don’t forget to click the Pinterest follow button for more fun and creative DIY ideas along with everything dog including training, advice and adorable pictures.

What do you think are the best ways to save money on pet food and supplies?

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Are you spending too much money on pet food and supplies? Find out how to save money on pet food and more this month by earning cash back from your favorite pet supply stores, where to find pet food coupons and how to save directly at the register with these money saving tips.

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